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Welcome to The Whiskey Chaps – Whiskey tastings, news and resources

Here on ‘The Whiskey Chaps’ we have sampled and shared our thoughts on over 1,296+ whiskies (and counting) including Scotch, Irish whiskies, bourbon and world whiskies.

You’ll also find interactive maps of whiskey distilleries, shops and bars to help you plan your whiskey trips, locate that special bottle of whiskey or search for a venue for a night out.

Browse our comprehensive directory of whiskey blogs and independent bottlers, discover the most popular whisky glasses, check out our whisky auction advice and read up-to-the-minute whiskey news.

We frequently take part in whiskey tastings on Twitter which are regularly joined by members of the whiskey community and industry.

Furthermore, anyone with a passion for whiskey can share their firsthand opinions on whiskies that they’ve tasted, via the easy-to-use tasting notes submission form.

“You guys rock. Thanks fellas. Enjoy the rest of the night”


“A million thanks to you too! This is our first time on Twitter tasting and it has been fun and less stressful than I thought:)) very kind of you and appreciate everything from the bottom of our hearts (Kenny too!) Slainte!”


Latest Whiskey Tasting Notes

If you’re a fan of whiskey or just curious about it, then you might have come across the term “tasting notes” before. Essentially, tasting notes are just descriptions of the flavours and aromas that you might encounter when sipping on a glass of whiskey.

Think of it as a way to articulate and discuss what you’re experiencing when you’re enjoying a dram of your favourite whiskey. It’s a fun and social way to explore the complex flavours and nuances of different types of whiskey, and it can help you develop a deeper appreciation for the spirit.

“Thanks for having me join you! The best part of making whisky is getting to share it, its a brilliant aspect of the whisky community that we can do things like this!”

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“Brilliant setup this gents, keep up the good work. And fair play to your skills…on the first 2 anyway!”


Whiskey News

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The Whiskey Chaps are two of our fellow Co’s and both them and their website are awesome. Give it a look and you will find two Whiskey fans with lots of great ideas and content” 


“Always a pleasure, never a chore 🙂 – thanks for having me along chaps,”


“Thanks guys, always a pleasure to join you! I had nothing to add this time but I really enjoyed reading your comments and learning more of these newer Mackmyra whiskies that I’ve never tried.”


“It’s been my pleasure! Always glad to join and chat with you guys. I hope you keep up the good work…”


If you would like to suggest a whiskey for us to taste, please do get in touch!  You can also submit your own tasting notes.

*The whiskey-tasting notes on this site are purely our own impartial thoughts, based on our tastes. We always advise tasting the liquid for yourself.