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Welcome to our whiskey blog and news site! The Whiskey Chaps are dedicated to sharing unbiased whiskey reviews/tasting notes, news and resources.

We regularly update our ever-growing tasting notes library, which has over 500 whiskey tasting notes included to date. Everything from peated scotch to Swedish new-make is included. We’ll try any whiskey and present our unbiased, honest notes here on the site.

‘The Whiskey Chaps’ whiskey blog and news site was conceived from a passion for all things ‘whisk[e]y’: Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, Swedish, Taiwanese…..you name it, we’ll try it, discuss it and make notes on it!

Here on our site, you’ll find whiskey tasting notes, compiled from online tastings, everyday sips and visits to distilleries.

We’ve also compiled a list of whiskey blogs, up to the minute whiskey news, a list of the most popular whisky glasses, whisky auction advice and tips and whiskey related info.

Upcoming whisk[e]y tastings

We also run regular whiskey tastings on Twitter, where we sample whiskies from all over the world, often with a distillery representative joining in. They provide insights into the whiskey-making process, as well as distillery history and sometimes sneak peeks of things to come!

Longrow tasting

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Longrow tasting

8:00 pm London

Blind Tasting with NewDramRising

8:00 pm London

Michter’s Christmas Triple Tasting

8:00 pm London

Whisky broker tasting

8:00 pm London

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The Whiskey Chaps are two of our fellow Co’s and both them and their website are awesome. Give it a look and you will find two Whiskey fans with lots of great ideas and content” 


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“Thanks guys, always a pleasure to join you! I had nothing to add this time but I really enjoyed reading your comments and learning more of these newer Mackmyra whiskies that I’ve never tried.”


“It’s been my pleasure! Always glad to join and chat with you guys. I hope you keep up the good work…”


“It has been an absolute pleasure to dram along with you guys this evening!”


“Been a great evening and thanks again to @StillSurreal and @whiskeychap for the invite and 15 month sample.”


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