1770 Peated Cask Strength 60.8% ABV

Glasgow 1770 Peated Cask Strength

The spirit has matured for an undisclosed length of time, in virgin American white oak and was then finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. Glasgow 1770 will be releasing this bottling in batches, with specific cask information written on the labels.

Appearance: Oak/dark ale brown. A thick swirl mark forms with many beads and small teardrops. A few medium-think trails seep towards the surface through a semi-viscous film.

Nose: The ethanol is quite light considering the ABV, not a negative as it gives the aromas a chance to emerge.
Immediate notes of smouldering ashy wood, dried fruits and cherry. Some salted caramel and chocolate emerge soon after, adding a nice mellow sweetness to the proceedings.
Coffee grounds add a further layer to a lovely welcoming nose.

Palate: A pleasant viscous mouthfeel. Spice forward with chocolate-covered coffee beans and caramel accompanying. The ashy dying log fire is evident on the palate but takes more of a back seat to the sweeter elements than it did on the nose.
A further sip reveals gentle Christmas spices, black pepper and that cherry note from the palate.

Finish: The ash and smouldering wood notes linger for a decent amount of time. The caramel and chocolate notes also hang around for a good length of time, adding balance. There’s some spice towards the end in the form of black pepper and aniseed makes a brood appearance too.

Overall: I really like this one. The many layers, good balance between the ashy fire, sweet and spice elements and simply pleasing flavours and aromas all add up to a bit of a banger!

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