1995 Samaroli ‘S Peaty’ Blended Malt 45% ABV

samaroli s peaty 1995

Blended Islay and Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky (1995 Laphroaig, Highland Park & Speyside Malts, Bottled in 2017, 162 Bottles.

Appearance: Old gold/sunset yellow. A thick substantial swirl line forms instantly. Many large teardrops and fat trails ooze through a viscous film to the surface.

Nose: Malt biscuits, honey, Victoria sponge cake, barley sugar and orchard fruits.
White grapes appear through the sugar notes, along with damp wood, leaves and subtle lemon zest.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. A very unusual, highly perfumed and soapy note hits the palate first. Then there’s also a faint smoke. It’s not very pleasant and has the weirdest flavour I’ve tasted in a whisky.
There’s a fair bit of ABV heat and spice too, in the form of black pepper and aniseed. Tannic drying follows.
There are some fruit notes that fight their way through the soap and flowery elements. Orange and lemon, with some salinity.

Finish: Soap and the citrus notes, followed by the pepper heat. Medium to long.

Overall: If this is the result of blending Islay with Speyside then stop, it’s weird and not pleasant at all.

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