A.D. Rattray Ardmore 2013 Bourbon Barrel #8000650 59.4% ABV

ad rattray ardmore2013

A.D. Rattray Ardmore 2013 Bourbon Barrel #8000650 / 59.4% ABV (£63). An 8yo limited to 257 bottles.

Appearance: White dessert wine in colour. An oozy viscous fiilm forms with a thick swirl line. A few medium/thick legs forms and slowly make their way to the surface.

Nose: The smoked meats and sea air make themselves known immediately. A nicely blanaced ABV too, for pretty much 60% this carries it really well on the nose. There’s a vegetal seaweed/harbour rope thing going on too.

Palate: Nice and oily. Immediate coastal salinity, BBQ’d meats and smoker. Smoked cream cheese (is that a thing?). There’s also a spicy element again, chillies and a slight drying.

Finish: Chilli tingle with the smokey coastal notes following and underpinning. Warming!

Overall: Banger. A lovely oily smokey and coastal dram with a decent ABV to give it a kick. Lovely.

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