A.D. Rattray Banknote 43% ABV

AD Rattray Banknote

Bank Note is a mix of malt whiskies (40%) from the Speyside and Highland regions, blended with grain whisky (60%) from Lowland Scotland. Maturation is in oak casks and bottled at 43% ABV.

Appearance: Tarnished gold. A thin coating on the glass is topped with a micro-beaded swirl mark. Some prominent teardrops form together with a few impressive thick oily legs.

Nose: Very little ethanol. Light and summery. Mineral notes, vanilla, petrichor and faint orchard fruits. The aromas are almost too light to identify. Baking spices and red berries struggle to make themselves known.

Palate: More oily than I expected, but not particularly viscous. Course black pepper, a little white pepper and vanilla emerge first. There are those baking spices, some salinity and a little fish sauce. A vegetal note follows and increases with a growing mild chilli tingle.

Finish: Medium to long. The mild chilli, vanilla and pepper notes last a little longer than expected.

Overall: It’s like an overly diluted good whisky. Everything in it is nice, but just not enough.

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