A.D. Rattray Cask Collection Knockdhu 2009 53.9% ABV

Cask No. 700307. Distilled at Knockdhu.Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel Cask No: 700307.

Appearance: Very light gold, straw. A nice thick swirl mark quickly morphs into many medium/thick legs. A couple of teardrops also form.

Nose: Not as much ethanol as I would have expected, given the ABV, it carries it well. Honey, lemon, sherbet and barley initially on the nose. Dried fruit and muesli too, quite a sweet cereal note. After a little time, there are tropical sweet aromas, pineapple and melon, as well as zingy green apple, lemon curd and petrichor.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. The ABV is far more evident on the palate, heaps of lemon pepper and a chilli tingle. Vanilla, light brown sugar and the same tropical notes are present on the palate, it’s a lovely fresh and summery dram. I won’t say ‘light’, as it’s cask strength, but given the ABV, it’s an easy sipper. There are also some leathery notes, tobacco leaves and a touch of wood spice.

Finish: The tobacco and leather (the lightest of cloying) linger for a medium amount of time, along with a ripple of the tropical sweetness and lemon pepper.

Overall: It’s another cracker from A.D. Rattray that’s so easy to drink. I’m a huge fan of anCnoc and it’s great to sample an Indy bottling from the Knockdhu distillery.

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