A.D. Rattray Craigellachie 2012 65% ABV

ad rattray craigallachie 2012

This 10yo from Craigellachie was released as part of the Cask Collection by A.D Rattray. Distilled in 2012, it spent over seven years maturing in a sherry butt, followed by a 30-month finishing period in a sherry butt that previously held Glenallachie single malt. A total of 552 bottles were released in 2023 at a cask strength of 65% ABV.

Appearance: Sunset gold. A thin, almost frosty in appearance, tide mark forms. A semi-viscous film and many thin to medium trails cling to the inside of the glass. Further agitation creates a myriad of small teardrops and droplets.

Nose: A decent hit from the ethanol. Oak, a touch of sulphur (not off putting), plums, blackberries and vanilla are in abundance.
Confectionary sugar provides an extra sweet dimension too.
Christmas spices, especially ginger and cinnamon show almost immediately after the oak and sweet notes.

Palate: A lovely oily mouthfeel with an immediate slice hit from that high ABV. The oak and subtle sulphur show up first, followed by the sweeter berry and confectionary sugar elements.
Those spices are also consistent with the nose.
A jammy thick and super sweet quality grows as the dram matures, I love that.

Finish: Long! The oak, jam and spices all linger for ages. There’s a black pepper and mild chilli tingle too. Some very gentle numbing on the tongue.

Overall: Super sweet and jammy banger of a dram. If the name wasn’t already taken by Kavalan I’d recommend this be dubbed ‘Sherry Oak’. That high ABV just adds a beautiful spice to the dram that otherwise would be in danger of being a little too friendly and unchallenging.

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