A.D.Rattray Royal Brackla 2008 57.8% ABV

A.D.Rattray Royal Brackla 2008

From the Cask Collection , this 14-year-old was distilled at Royal Brackla on 17.11.2008 and matured in a Bourbon Hogshead (Cask No: 312867) before being bottled at cask strength on 16.01.2023. Part of a limited run of only 316 bottles. Un-chill filtered and natural colour.

Appearance: Light pastry in colour. A viscous film and big bold trails form quickly when agitated. Several large teardrops emerge from the smooth tide mark.

Nose: A fairly subdued alcohol wave, given the ABV and very sweet-forward. Plenty of icing sugar-dusted green apples, vanilla wafers, pears and fruit chews.
Some marzipan and fruit pie notes develop as the dram matures.

Palate: A lovely oily mouthfeel with a reassuringly spicy warmth, with white pepper, a little mild chilli, cinnamon and ginger. The confectionary sugar note is still evident, as is the apple and vanilla. There’s also a more chemical-like ‘Stop N Grow’ element, albeit faint. Some bitter lemon and grape appear after a while too.

Finish: The green apple, sugar and vanilla last a short to medium length of time. A little pepper also lingers. The chemical note dissipates quickly.

Overall: I like the sweet elements and the spice balance. The friendly nose and slightly bold palate create a journey and add interest. I’m not fond of the chemical-like flavour, but it does disappear quickly and has minimal disruption on the dram. It’s a decent whisky, but I’m not blown away.

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