A.D. Rattray Tullibardine 10 Year Old 2010 (#652699) – Cask Collection 56.9% ABV

AD Rattray Tullibardine2010-10

Distillery Region: Highland. Date Bottled: 23.09.2021. Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel. No. of Bottles: 222. Cask Number: 652699. Age:10 Years Old. Date Distilled: 05.11.2010. Strength: 56.9% alc./vol.

Appearance: Light gold/straw. A thin beaded swirl line quickly morphs into a series of medium teardrops. Many medium legs form around the inside of the glass, within a semi-viscous film.

Nose: Loads of ethanol, orchard fruits, icing sugar and honey-coated cereal. Hay barn air, vanilla and a gentle funk emerge shortly after.
Some white chocolate and dried cranberries.

Palate: A pleasing oily mouthfeel and plenty of alcohol again, a peppery chilli-like, tingle, along with a warmth on the chest.
The orchard fruits and sugar are still present, along with caramel and apple pie.
The heavy ABV spices persist, which can mask the more delicate flavours.
There’s a less pleasant nail polish remover element that emerges as the dram matures.

Finish: Long. The orchard fruits, spices and caramel all last for ages. The chest warming also goes on for an age.

Overall: It’s a big hitter with lots of pepper and chilli, but also has a sweet more delicate side, which is unfortunately masked quite a bit by the fact spice element. I’m not a huge fan of this one I’m afraid, it’s a little too harsh with that polish remover note.

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