Abasolo Mexican Corn whisky 43% ABV.

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Abasolo El Whisky De Mexico is crafted and distilled from 100% Mexican Cacahuazintle (kaka • wha • SINT • lay) corn, which has been cultivated and passed down for more than 200 generations by local farmers for its distinct, extraordinary flavor. 

Deep, nuanced notes of roasted corn, honey, vanilla, black tea, and leather, revealed through nixtamalization, are true to our Mexican ancestral corn provenance and unlike any other whisky profile.

Abasolo uncovers the deepest flavors of ancestral corn through nixtamalization, a 4,000-year-old cooking technique never before used in whisky production, but fundamental in preparing corn as food in Mexico.

Abasolo Whisky


Very light gold in colour, with perhaps a little yellowish hue. Medium thick swirl line with slow medium and thick legs with several teardrops. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Initially quite light, with botanicals, weetabix, eucalyptus, wood polish, and a floral/perfumed aroma. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Oh that’s different. Mouthfeel isn’t watery, not syrupy either though, wood glue, lightly spicy, vanilla, cardamom, close to old style glazing putty, custard cream biscuits, this is a tough one to nail down. #TheWhiskeyChaps

Royal icing, there’s an earthiness too, more botanicals, reminds me of the 7 stills we tasted blind. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Short to medium in length, Warmingly spicy, ginger, vanilla, white pepper, a small green fruit I can’t bloody spell, greengage? Vanilla custard, quite light in general, a decent sipper I’d say. #TheWhiskeyChaps

My thoughts

I have to say i was really looking forward to tasting this whisky as iv’e enjoyed other corn whiskies. I rather enjoyed it to be honest, it is different to other corn whiskies iv’e tried, and i’d enjoy a bottle for sure. It comes in at just under £40 on some UK websites.

The Abasolo whisky website can be found here. Bottle image courtesy of Lassou.com.

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