Aberfeldy 12yo 40% ABV

aberfeldy 12

The youngest expression of Aberfeldy. Aged for 12 Years in handmade oak casks and bottled at 40% ABV.

Appearance: Apple Juice/lager amber. A semi-viscous film forms easily when swirled with many medium trails. A decent ride mark with a few teardrops also circle the inside of the glass.

Nose: Very little ethanol (unsurprising given the ABV). Honey, vanilla, banana toffee and a fresher melon-like note. It’s a very friendly and safe nose, nothing off-putting at all but nothing that stands out.

Palate: Not a bad mouthfeel, I’m pleasantly surprised. A little more alcohol on the palate now with some sweet spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) and some peppery aniseed. The toffee from the nose also carries through to the palate. Honey and vanilla seep forward after a few sips, adding that friendly sweet element from the nose.

Finish: The sweet spices, honey, vanilla and a little black pepper linger for a short while, before fading away. A little lemon peel also appears, albeit mildly, just as the other elements disperse.

Overall: I’m really not a fan of 40% whiskies, the vast majority of them, although pleasant enough on the nose, are subsequently dull and watery on the palate, lacking in any impact. This actually isn’t that bad. It’s not a stand-out whisky by any stretch, but it’s nice enough and would make a great intro whisky. There are plenty of sweet pleasing notes on the nose and enough spice in addition on the palate. I could quite happily sit and drink too much of a bottle of this as it’s such an easy sipper and feels light.

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