Aberfeldy 21yo 40% ABV

Matured in a combination of ex-sherry and ex-bourbon oak casks for 21 long years before bottling at 40%.

Appearance: Faded copper/light orange. A semi-viscous corrugated film of medium legs quickly forms. A hairline tide mark beads up and morphs into small teardrops.

Nose: Some ABV on the nose, but light. Orange peel, caramel, brown sugar, dried fruits, some berry sweetness and a hint of apple. An earthy layer, less prominent than the fruit notes, appears after a short time. First floor and wet tree bark. A very faint spice is also present. Cinnamon, ginger and Schwartz ‘Season All’.

Palate: Not a bad mouthfeel at all, especially for 40%. Semi-viscous and buttery. Slightly more peppery where the spices are concerned, but those from the nose are still present, warming the chest nicely. A smouldering oak scent wafts in and out. Blood orange, fruit salad sweets and a little dark chocolate join the mix now. Fruit and Nut bar appears as the glass matures, adding a lovely layer to the proceedings. The palate is nicely balanced and full of pleasing flavours.

Finish: Short to medium. The spices, blood orange and butter chocolate longer for a while. There’s some sweetness on the finish too.

Overall: Price aside, it’s a very nice dram, but £148 for a 40% ABV whisky? If it were dialled up by even just a few ABV this whisky would sing.

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