A.D. Rattray Ardlair 11yo 57.5% ABV

AD Rattray Ardlair 11yo

An unpeated make from Ardmore distillery.

  • Known as Ardlair
  • Distilled at Ardmore
  • 11 Years Old
  • Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel 
  • Cask No: 800144
  • Date Distilled: 22.09.2010
  • Date Bottled: 23.09.2021
  • Number of Bottles: 233
  • Cask strength: 57.5%
  • Un-chill filtered
  • Natural colour

Appearance: Very light, white wine spritzer. Many thick forming medium/thick legs and a jagged swirl mark with a few teardrops.

Nose: Nose: A little citrus, tropical fruits, mint choc chip ice cream and wheat biscuits (digestives and/or Hob Nobs).
It does get more orchard fruity as it matures. Plum skin, pear and those red apples mentioned.
Not as complex as I’d have thought, the inside of an old-style school desk.

Palate: Ooh, the palate is a different animal altogether. Here we go! This is where the CS is showing its colours. Big stewed orchard fruit sweetness, chest warming spice, lovely mouthfeel. BOOM! Chilli heat, lemon, pancake batter and (I think) orange.

Finish: The finish for me is long: Spiced milk (that sounds unpleasant but it really isn’t). Liquorice, subtle citrus, chocolate and the chilli heat linger longest.

Overall: I really liked this one. The nose masked the full onslaught of the palate brilliantly. A lovely set of aromas and flavours, well-married and nicely balanced too.

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