Tweet Tasting 1 of 5 – AD Rattray Ardlair 2010 57.5% ABV

ad rattray

We enjoyed another awesome tweet tasting last night, courtesy of The Whisky Wire. It was the turn of A D Rattray and they very generously supplied 5 drams to sample and discuss.

AD Rattray Ardlair 2010 – Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky ABV: 57.5% (Cask Strength) Cask: Bourbon barrel No. 800144 Available from October: RRP of £64.00

Appearance: Very light, white wine spritzer.Lot’s of quick forming medium legs, medium viscosity too.

Nose: Ardlair 2010 nose: Lemons, malt (digestive biscuits), tropical fruits, fruit salad sweets, a touch of salinity and whisp of smoke. It’s a lovely light and fresh summery nose.
If it was a tad warmer I’d take it into the garden! Biscuit based lemon meringue pie and custard.
Getting rhubarb and custard sweets now. Lovely evolving dram, and all nice and sweet for me too!
There’s a hint of new make berry sweetness. It’s a lovely note.

Palate: Spicier than the nose would suggest. Huge white pepper with mild chilli hit on the first sip, followed by limoncello and the biscuity malt.
A little drying on the throat. After a few sips to acclimatise, there’s Christmas spices, glacier cherry, the lemon element persists as does the chilli heat for me (not unpleasant in any way).

Finish: The finish for me is bitter lemon and grapefruit, chilli heat and a coating of malt biscuits. Medium to long finish, the lemon and chilli hang around the longest.

Overall: A decent dram indeed, personally I would prefer less ‘heat’, but at 57% that’s part and parcel! Amazing fruity and fluid nose, full of ever-evolving aromas. The palate took me by surprise with its white pepper and chilli, but the lemon and Xmas spices balanced nicely.

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