Tweet Tasting 3 of 5 – AD Rattray Campbeltown 2016 58.9% ABV

ad rattray

We enjoyed another awesome tweet tasting last night, courtesy of The Whisky Wire. It was the turn of A D Rattray and they very generously supplied 5 drams to sample and discuss.

AD Rattray Campbeltown 2016 – Blended Malt Scotch Whisky ABV: 58.9% (Cask Strength) Cask: First fill Bourbon barrel No.13 Available from October: RRP of £54.00.

Appearance: Another light one, sun-bleached straw. Nice defined swirl line, oily and lots of medium legs

Nose: For the ABV, this one is a lot ‘softer’ on the nose. Milk bottle sweets, white wine AND FUNK! Weetabix mixed with cornflakes. Pear drops, red apples and straw. Wet hedge. There might be some hints of red berries lurking in there now. More evident than at first. A bit ‘jammy’.

Palate: A salted butter flavoured oily delivery on the palate. Pancakes with blueberries, squirty cream, popcorn again and a touch of lemon pepper. Lime chocolate, baking spices and pastry, all things nice really! I get hints of rum too. Maybe a sugarcane taste, but the spices too.

Finish: The finish is short to medium – sugar mixed with butter, cinnamon, pastry and a touch of black pepper.

Overall: My favourite so far. It’s a lovely balance and carries the ABV really well.

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