TWEET TASTING 5 OF 5 – AD Rattray Caol Ila 2007 53.8% ABV

ad rattray

We enjoyed another awesome tweet tasting last night, courtesy of The Whisky Wire. It was the turn of A D Rattray and they very generously supplied 5 drams to sample and discuss.

AD Rattray Caol Ila 2007 – Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky ABV: 53.8% (Cask Strength) Cask: Bourbon hogshead No. 313206 Available from October: RRP of £86.00

Appearance: The lightest of the bunch tonight, almost mistook it for new make. A shade more yellow than water. Thin but persistent swirl line and medium legs

Nose: Coastal air and a beach BBQ, heavy on the meats! Spare ribs and burnt ends especially. Honey glazed BBQ chicken wings, Biltong. I keep saying I’m not a Caol Ila fan, but stuff like this keeps cropping up, proving me wrong! A little sherry aroma now.

Palate: Ash, salty BBQ pork belly burnt ends, sweet fudgy caramel sauce, still the smokiness and coastal salinity too. A touch of black pepper, more concentrated meat juices. It’s also got a buttery quality about it, nice and viscous in both texture and taste. Just got grilled pineapple and overdone (how I like it) gammon.

Finish: The finish is medium, peppery and sweet. Butter covered Weetabix and that meaty smokey salinity.

Overall: Best dram of the evening for me. Had it all and finely balanced. The ABV was spot on too, added an additional kick and touch of spice to proceedings!

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