A.D. Rattray Cask Orkney 46% ABV

ad rattray cask orkney

AD Rattray Cask Orkney is a limited edition 18-Year-Old single malt scotch whisky matured in ex-bourbon casks. Created to celebrate the Neolithic folklore of Orkney.

Appearance: A shade darker gold than white wine, apple juice I’d say. Decent glass coating, hairline swirl mark and a corrugated film of thin-medium legs

Nose: Green apple skin, summer honey, a touch of fresh spearmint, fruit salad sweets and some butter toffee.
A nice ABV hum too, adds a touch of warming spiced nuts to proceedings. Red berries soaked in rose water? I think that’s the note, well, maybe not ‘soaked’, more drizzled.
There’s quite a distinctive note in there but I can’t place it right now annoyingly. Might be a faint sweet smoke, wisps, nothing heavy or dominant in any way, more of an undercurrent.

Palate: Right, it’s definitely got a smoke undercurrent on the palate, but very sweet, like someone’s BBQ’ing red and blackberries. It’s a lovely sweet palate and fairly viscous mouthfeel, not buttery but oily for sure.
Crystalised honey, that fresh spearmint, mocha/tiramisu.
Then on the spicy side (which doesn’t dominate at all) black pepper, maybe a mild chilli chocolate sweetness/heat tingle.

Finish: The finish for me is more of the spiciness than the sweetness, it flips on its head. Black pepper and the chilli chocolate last longest, a medium amount of time.

Overall: A lovely dram. I’d say the price point is about right, not sure I’d go any higher for a bottle but would be a happy chappy if I’d bought this blind.

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