A.D. Rattray Fettercairn 2009 58.8% ABV

ad rattray Fettercairn

AD Rattray Fettercairn 2009 58.8% ABV (£70). AD Rattray is overseeing (& sharing) the development of the distillate & 4th in a series of sister casks released in the ‘Cask Collection’. Aged in 1st fill bourbon hogsheads, NCF & NC.

Appearance: Apple juice in colour. A good glaze forms around the glass after swirling with a medium-thick tide mark. Plenty of medium/thick legs ooze slowly down the glass.

Nose: Oh, this is a nice nose! Caramel in abundance, dark berries and honey. Some red apple skin and a little funk too. There’s also a cut grass, vegetal note.
The higher ABV is evident on the nose, which I like.

Palate: A lovely thick mouthfeel, flavours include black pepper, mild chilli and a lovely jam on buttered toast flavour that fills the mouth. Apricot and milk chocolate.

Finish: Medium/Long. Buttered toast and jam, black pepper and slight drying. Chest warming.

Overall: This is another banger of a dram. Really very very good. Full-on flavour and good flavour at that!

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