TWEET TASTING 4 OF 5 – AD Rattray Glen Moray 2013 63.6% ABV

ad rattray

We enjoyed another awesome tweet tasting last night, courtesy of The Whisky Wire. It was the turn of A D Rattray and they very generously supplied 5 drams to sample and discuss.

AD Rattray Glen Moray 2013 – Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky ABV: 63.6% (Cask Strength) Cask: Bourbon hogshead No. 889 Finished: Sauternes Wine barrique Available from October: RRP of £61.00

Appearance: A light cider colour. A shade darker than reduced white wine. Again, nice thick tide mark when swirled, good medium thick legs.

Nose: Nose: Toffee apples and chewy toffee. Dark fruit and a slight herbal quality too. Blackberry jam, sweet BBQ meat/smoke and blueberry BBQ sauce. Gooseberry Eton mess now. Some nice wood notes in this one, oaky but also smouldering, like after drilling a hole through a plank (not very poetic I appreciate). This in no way noses like a 63%, very well controlled as the strength does compliment the nose but doesn’t overwhelm (in my case anyway) the senses.

Palate: The ABV becomes evident on the palate, nice and spicy arrival! There’s BBQ’s caramel-covered banana, confectionary sugar, apples still and damp forest foliage. Wood notes again, maybe wood polish.

Finish: Sugars, mint and herbal qualities. It’s a nice balance of a lot of flavours. The ABV is more evident on the palate as the nose hides it extremely well indeed. Another very nice dram

Overall: A nicely balanced and well-rounded dram. I wouldn’t;t buy a bottle, but enjoyed the sample!

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