A.D. Rattray Tobermory 59.8% ABV

Rattray Tobermory

Appearance: Light gold/white wine. Looks crisp. Hairline jagged (beady) tide mark, many teardrops and more of a corrugated film than defined legs.

Nose: More of a bourbon cask nose on this. Wood spices, barrel char and caramel. Cherry sweets and menthol = Soothers. Richer on the nose than the first two, blackberry, bramble wine, a slight funk too. Although it carries the ABV well, it’s a big hitter on the nose for me. Just got a whiff of dying embers/charred wood.

Palate: Lovely oily mouthfeel. Well-balanced sweet and spices. Honey, lemon, cake batter, strawberry jam, black pepper, icing sugar and a floral note too. This one has it all, lovely stuff! A flavour reminiscent of shredded wheat is in the mix too.
Sounds odd but it has certain qualities of Irish whiskey. The crunchy nut corn flake cereal notes etc.

Finish: The black pepper and jam notes linger longest, medium amount of time. The lemon notes and wheat fade quickly.

Overall: It’s a banger of a dram, especially for the (apparent) price of around £50. That’s a shitload of whisky for the money!

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