A.D. Rattray Tormore 2008 58.8% ABV

AD Rattray Tormore

AD Rattray Tormore 2008 Bourbon Barrel 58.8% ABV (£73). Distilled at Tormore in American oak and limited to 236 bottles. NCF & NC.

Appearance: Light in colour, hay. A thin jagged swirl mark made up of beads circles the glass. A few thin to medium legs struggle to make it back to the surface.

Nose: The ABV is immediately noticeable. Honey drizzled orchard fruits, cornflakes and lemon drizzle cake. There’s some shoe and furniture polish too.
Unless I’m imagining it, there’s some smoke on the nose too, like hay smouldering.

Palate: Lovely and oily, chilli heat and smoky grapefruit. There’s a buttery element to the palate, like cookie dough or raw fairy cake mix.
When I started tasting this one I would have put it below the Fettercairn but the more I sip, the more I like it!
A touch of sweet soft mint after the glass has matured slightly.

Finish: Medium/long. Smokey sweet, honey nut cornflakes, mild black pepper and cinnamon.

Overall: This one grows on me the more I drink it. It’s got a lot going on and is a real ‘sit and explore’ whisky. Another great dram.

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