Seaweed & Aeons & Digging & Fire 40% ABV


Appearance – Summer honey gold, there are legs, but not particularly viscous

Nose – Bonfire bonfire BONFIRE! Then sherry sherry SHERRY! WOW!! Backing group of plasters (band aid), salty seaweed (funnily enough), biscuits/Ritz crackers and fertile earth.

Palate – Not particularly oily, but not thin either. First sip gives you a smoke and sherry slap, then a warm hug to say “sorry”.
Second sip is far less ‘in your face’. Mellow smoke and sherry, warming (but not burning), aniseed, licorice and a metallic ‘twang’ at the back of the throat just before the finish.

Finish – Smoke dominates the finish, as the sherry dissipates quite quickly. Not a long finish where the flavours are concerned, but the warmth and tingling continue for some time

My thoughts – I like it! You certainly know you’ve drunk it! I wouldn’t give it to anyone new to whisky, but it’s something different and unashamed to have in the cabinet!

Would I buy a bottle? – Yup. For this price it’s a steal!

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