Allt a’ Bhainne 2011 10yo SMWS 108.52 62.6% ABV.

Allt a' Bhainne 2011 10yo SMWS 108.52

This whisky was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium’s 25th session, the whiskies were selected by Billy, @BillyCowan on Twitter.


Mid gold in colour, the swirl line breaks up into small randomly scattered beads and slow thin legs. #BlindDrams


Hot mashed potato, evergreen boughs, a touch of menthol, old style glazing putty, dusty, high abv, perhaps a hint of cooked bacon, not totally sure, and cream soda. #BlindDrams

Some sweetness is creeping in, icing sugar, then pine freshness, and a bit of a forest walk going on. That white top of a bakewell tart, frosting sweetness. #BlindDrams


The palate is different to the nose. Botanicals, juniper, gin like, with conifer boughs initially. Well tasted tea cakes bring a little burnt flavour, and it’s becoming spicier. Chilli’s, dill pickle, Dijon mustard, there’s an earthiness too. #BlindDrams

blind tasting consortium 25

Red berries are here, a whiff of smoke still, marmalade, and generally becoming fruitier tbh. #BlindDrams


Quite long in length, and now it’s a real spicy fruit bomb. It’s taken a while tbh. Red berries, red apple skin, cherryade, mocha, jammy dodgers, wood varnish and cigar leaves. #BlindDrams

My thoughts

Of the 5 blind drams tasting during this session, this was my favourite, purely on depth and breadth of flavours. After finding out what this dram is i was surprised by what i thought was a lack of peat, i found it a whiff not a slapped face full, but in all honesty this is more likely to be down to my interpretation of it’s flavours and aromas.. Yes this is a SMWS bottling i would love to own, it’s very nice indeed.

The Blind Tasting Consortium use the hashtag #BlindDrams when doing tastings, use Tweetdeck to search archived tweets for 125 blind tasted whiskies as of today’s.

Banner image courtesy of @jwbassman_

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