Blind Tasting: Dalwhinnie Distillery Only Edition release 48% ABV

Dalwhinnie Distillery Only Edition

Tasted blind and revealed to be Dalwhinnie Distillery Only Edition release 48% ABV. All notes are prior to the reveal.

Appearance: Very light gold, almost white wine but a shade more yellow. A thick tide mark around the glass when swirled and a decent amount of medium-thick legs.

Nose: Confectionary sugar and foam sweets, green apples, honey and white grapes.
Not a huge ABV hum on this one, either it carries it well or it’s around 46% I would say. Getting some more floral notes now, along with some new-make berry freshness. There’s a slight damp funk too.

Palate: Buttery mouthfeel. A lovely warming first sip, more heat than the nose would suggest. Overripe fruits/fermenting apples maybe? Some pastry notes and baking spices too. Slightly sharp/tart. The palate would also suggest a slightly higher ABV, maybe 48%? Ginger root and bitter citrus now.

Finish: The long side of medium. The spice and bitter citrus notes linger, along with baking spices and a touch of orange.

Overall: Overall my kind of whisky. The nose is inviting and friendly, with plenty going on. The palate packs more of a punch and heat. It’s a sipper and explorer for sure.

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