American Eagle 4yo 40% ABV.

american eagle 4yo

This American Eagle Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey has matured for 4 years in American oak to produce a silky smooth fantastic young Tennessee Bourbon with buttery notes. Made up from a mash consisting of 84% corn.


Mid gold with an orange/peach hue in colour, with a medium thick swirl line that drops slow thick legs.


The first aroma that comes to me is one I’ve not come across before, it’s a mixture of Eucalyptus, tree bark, lychees, and something along the lines of juice from a jar of gherkins. Now that doesn’t sound over appealing to be honest, and it’s certainly different. 

More time in the glass and I’d say I’m getting black tea, herbal mint, and there’s definitely a wood polish aroma creeping in. Hay/straw is coming along now, with green grapes.


The mouthfeel is thin sadly, and my first thoughts of the palate is one of freshness. The eucalyptus from the nose is here, almost a toothpaste thing, green apple skin, lychees again like the nose offered, there is some spice but it’s very light.

More time and there is some astringency coming through, I don’t usually get that, so I’m thinking it may be quite strong. A dash of white pepper brings that touch of spice, but there isn’t much more to the palate.


The finish is quite short in length, it continues much like the bulk of the palate to be honest, no further development, no nice surprises, and it fades away.

My thoughts

I’m sure I’ve heard of this brand because of legal stuff in the past, if I’m wrong someone pls do let me know. 

This was released at 40% ABV, I hoped it might bring something different to the table, and initially the nose did. I enjoyed the odd combination, and hoped it would bring something really different to the palate, it didn’t sadly for me. The palate is faint, even lacklustre, which is a real shame, I generally find something that is good in a dram, but no such luck with this one, and even at £30 I certainly wouldn’t buy a bottle for my whisky cupboard.

Bottle image – Scotch Whisky World.

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