Americana 54.4% ABV

americana wheated bourbon



Americana is a new American whiskey-focused independent bottler that has chosen a similar route to many of the American brands we see and enjoy today, by launching using whiskey distilled by the Midwest Grain Products (MG) distillery… just search “Whiskey Brands That Are Made at MGP” and you’ be amazed. This probably makes MGP the most important distillery in America and one we need to taste.

This high wheat bourbon has a mash bill of 51% Corn, 45% Wheat, 4% Malted Barley, to showcase what wheat brings to whiskey.

Whisky Pioneer


This bourbon is mid gold in colour, the very thick swirl line beads up immediately, which created an uneven film across the glass with large teardrops and scattered beads.


straight away I’m getting damp leaves, mocha coffee, black treacle, and molasses. Raisins and wood polish arrive next, with black cherry sweetness in the background. Old style hubba bubba bubble gum is slowly bringing some sweetness to the dram.

More time and marmalade on toast which is really nice come through, a lovely sweet and savoury mix up, with fruit cocktail syrup from a can. Gun powder and botanicals close the nose for me.

whisky pioneer


Mouthfeel is medium thick initially, and the darker heavier notes from the nose are here on the paste also. Interestingly the gun powder is also coming through, though it is fainter. Black pepper and old leather arrive next, and the ABV is really showing itself now.

This whiskey really does stay spicy, it’s quite hot, and an earthiness with blood oranges and dark chocolate take over, pontefract cakes jump in too. There’s a cask char element right at the end.


The finish is quite long and still very spicy. The finish is close to 1st fill Sherry cask in nature, all dark and heavy fruit notes, mince pies and Black Forest gateau.

My thoughts

I have to admit that i really look forward to Whisky Pioneer samples dropping through my door each month, especially when iv’e been really busy and i forget it’s on its way. This month it’s a dram iv’e seen on social media, and one i have wondered about too, well now iv’e tried it.

From first nosing this whiskey it was obvious that it had the potential to be a very good one. The nose is very good, with plenty of oomph, and it teased possible delights to come, fingers were crossed that the palate would be as good or better. Turns out the palate is as good, in fact better than the nose. It was game on from first sip, with loads of flavours, all presented at a great abv too, and a bottle i’d definitely have in my whisky cupboard.

Whisky Pioneer pulled the rabbit out of the hat again, another super sample to enjoy whilst using recycled, reusable and recyclable plastic bottles, that i myself have gone onto use for sending out samples to friends.

This whiskey was the November 2022 monthly sample release from the Whisky Pioneer whisk(e)y sample subscription service, which can be found here.

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