anCnoc 24 Year Old 46% ABV


Made without colouring or chill filtering. From @thedramble: “The precise cask makeup is a little difficult to find to ascertain but seems to be a combination of American ex-Bourbon and sherry-seasoned casks”

Appearance: Mahogony, lovely autumnal/auburn. Not massively oily does create a layer on the glass, with legs, but looks thinner than I’d expect.

Nose: A rich and luxurious nose! Just what you’d hope for from a whisky with an age statement like this!
Full of oaky notes, icing sugar, vanilla sweetness, jam stuffed doughnuts, banana, maltiness…. the list is growing as the seconds pass! Marzipan? Jaffa cakes, baking spices and cookie dough now. All covered in syrupy sugary sweetness.
Now I get Fruit and Nut bar!
Cherry soothers, but with less menthol
There’s a perfect amount of alcohol hit too, it’s definitely there, but it allows the more delicate aromas to come through

Palate: Lovely oily and sweet arrival, like a dessert wine almost. Now I get a bit more spice, those blackcurrants and cherry and black coffee. All with nice warming of the chest too. That’s a great palate too, all too often the palate doesn’t live up to the nose. This is an exception for sure.

The palate has a definite layered quality:

  1. Spicier notes
  2. Sweeter syrupy notes
  3. Warmth

There’s a slight bitterness now, maybe bitter lemon, but again, it’s all wrapped in that sweetness that balances it all out.

Finish: The finish for me is sweet and syrupy, a touch of that spice heat (black pepper) and ever so slightly bitter/metallic (but EVER so slightly). I also think there are orchard fruits in there, pear or even plumb maybe?

Overall: Stunningly good. I’ll be buying a bottle asap.

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