Angels Envy Port Cask

angels envy

Colour: Dark honey, Bulmers cider

Nose: Classic quality bourbon notes of butter, malt, honey, instant coffee granules and rye spices form a great foundation. On top of this is a beautifully balanced layer of lovely chocolaty dark fruits and plum. If it were a blind tasting, I’d guess higher abv, as its not shy!

Palate: Umptuously buttery mouth feel, coats the tongue in lovely oily malty goodness. Orange peel and chocolate immediately follow with a slight tingle of pepper or rye spice. Dark fruits, and plum especially, from the port are playing their part well.

Finish: There’s a lovely Kentucky hug in the finish, warming and leaving you wanting more. The butter, which has been such a lovely constant throughout, is still the star, with those fruity notes, providing the backing track. I can only think of Shenks as a comparison for the luxury mouth feel.

My thoughts: So pleased I finally purchased a bottle of this. Really impressed! It’s great to see something a little different from the norm! Well played Angels Envy!!

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