Ardbeg 10yr old, 46% ABV.

Ardbeg 10yr old, 46% ABV.

Appearance – Light straw in colour, beads well on the glass, slowly drops thin legs.

Nose – Apart from the peat, which doesn’t whack me, I get Lemon oil, Stoned fruits, Apricot, Peach, Slightly medicinal, Sticky plasters, fruity and biscuity, the peat is more Ashy.

Palate – Cream soda and Icing sugar sweetness, ash that mixes with fruit, stoned fruits again, the palate is a more prominent version of the nose imho.

Finish – Medium length, white pepper, sweet ash, and some oak notes.

My thoughts – As an entry level Ardbeg it isn’t bad at all, it’s a good introduction to their whiskies, but it will leave you wanting more if your already trying peated whiskies.

Would I buy a bottle? – As someone new to peated whisky, yes, for me now, no, it’s not complex enough.

picture credit – Master of Malt.

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