Ardmore, 56% ABV, Ex-Bourbon Cask #1313, 67 bottle outrun.

ardmore batch 2

The Sipping Shed exists for the love of whisky. The history, the places, the people, the process, the unforgettable taste… the story of whisky. We wanted to tell that story our way, with our whisky and so The Sipping Shed was born…


Appearance – Damp straw in colour, beads up on the glass, covers the glass, lovely teardrop medium thick legs.

Nose – Sweet peat, bbq sauce, I do love this nose tbh sweet liquorice, damp forest floor, Pine needles, carbolic soap, black cherries.

Palate – Lovely sweet peat, peanuts, not had that before tbh, strawberries, cranberries, orange rind again, black cherries, damp leaves, ginger, cinnamon, sooo much going on.

Finish – Warming, very spicy, long again, bbq meat, cinnamon, black peppercorns, bbq sauce, that foresty feel again, it’s a super drop tbh.

My thoughts – I tried the batch 1 of this Ardmore, that was a superb drop, ex-sherry cask finished, this one is all ex-bourbon cask, and it really showcases the whisky, another super drop that i’d gladly sit with and sip.

Would i buy a bottle? – Most definitly, as this is such a show off bottling of Ardmore, really showcases the spirit.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour, non chill filtered, and at cask strength.

Many thanks to – Dan Hipshon, founder of The Sipping Shed.

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