Ardmore PX cask 51.9% ABV from The Sipping Shed. 

ardmore px cask
the sipping shed
The Sipping Shed

The third and final release from cask 1313, this time finished in a Pedro Ximenez octave for 1 year.

This is a brilliant marriage of sherry and peat. The PX sherry octave doesn’t dominate but it’s resolutely there, framing the powerful smoky distillate. The Ardmore character shines though with fresh, earthy peat and savoury notes resulting in a unique expression and a style that’s hard to find these days.

The Sipping Shed


Colour wise this whisky is coppery orange, with a nice thick swirl line and an over glass coating then several thick legs.


Straight away we’re into sherry soaked dark fruits, cloves, dates, and raisins. Quite a lot of wood is coming through, with a vegetal note, earthiness, dustiness, and a lovely cherry sweetness.

More time and we have wood varnish, pontefract cakes, and one thing I have noticed is the absence of sulphur, a massive thumbs up for that.


Initially it has a medium thick mouthfeel, and spices sweep along the palate, it’s quite chest warming. There are loads of those sherry soaked dark fruits here, all waiting to be made into a fruit cake.

I’m thinking bourbon cask spices are coming through also, as I’m getting plenty of vanilla, cinnamon, and hot ginger. The dark fruits slowly turn almost Smokey, then into espresso coffee and cough syrup with cough candy’s/aniseed.


Long side of medium in length, though the spices do linger for a while. And for me I get a cherry Bakewell tart sweetness, a hint of grapefruit, black pepper, and liquorice all sorts. 

My thoughts

I have been lucky enough to follow the original Ardmore whisky through all 3 batches, and it’s just been delightful. The guys at The Sipping Shed have waited patiently for the right time to release each batch, and i think they’ve timed them to perfection.

As someone who goes out of their way intentionally to try new and innovative whisky things, in really have enjoyed this journey, and we’ve reached the end now, but what a lovely whisky to finish on. I very much look forward to seeing and tasting Sipping Shed offerings in the future.

This sample was very kindly sent to me by Mike-@whiskyrover, you can follow Mike on Twitter using the button below, along with The Sipping Shed, and us.

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