Ardnamurchan AD/ Single Malt Whisky 46.8% ABV


In the future, Ardnamurchan will no longer use confusing digits on their AD/bottlings. However, the whisky will remain the same, made from a traditional blend of 50% peated and 50% unpeated malt, matured in a combination of 65% bourbon and 35% sherry casks.

Appearance: Apple juice gold. A varied tide mark where thickness is concerned. Around half the circumference of the glass, it appears oozy and immediately starts to morph into short trails and teardrops, whereas the other half of the glass consists of micro-beads and random droplets. The film is pleasingly oily and features several thick trails.

Nose: A decent ethanol buzz along with salty sea air and distant BBQ smoke. Honey, brown sugar, caramel and butter all swirl around on the nose.
There’s also an earthy vegetal note, leaning towards BluTak. A little petrichor and subtle liquorice.
Some wet dog, orchard fruits and charcoal biscuits.

Palate: A fairly thin mouthfeel, slight oiliness. A little tingle of white pepper spice on the first sip along with granulated sugar, vanilla, pear and, now, a more gentle black pepper.
A little red apple skin, blackberry and honey bring more sweetness to the palate. Oat biscuits emerge as the dram matures.
The palate has a lovely balance between the sweet, spicy and savoury elements.

Finish: Medium to long. The honey, blackberry, pepper and apple all linger for a decent length of time. The spice leaves a warming on the chest long after the flavours have faded.

Overall: Another really solid whisky from these guys. You’ll not find much better at this price point. Lots going on, well put together and full of very pleasant elements.

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