Ardnamurchan Sauternes Single Cask 50% ABV


I can’t find any details about this expression other than that it’s the first time it’s been released by the distillery as part of a gift set.

Appearance: Bright amber/Tizer. A jagged tide mark consisting of many teardrops and sporadic droplets. A few thick trails form when agitated.

Nose: A lovely warming wave of ethanol hits the senses. Lots of oak, varnish, lots of dark fruits, and blackberries.
After a short while, confectionary sweetness emerges, along with foam sweets, ‘Fruit Salad’ chews and bananas. Toffee and sponge cake too.

Palate: A beautifully oily mouthfeel and gentle warming come from the first sip. Heaps of caramel, toffee and a little cooling mint. The oak follows soon after.
Sweet cinnamon and a little bitterness come next, almost citrus. The bitterness grows as the dram matures, it’s a bit offputting.
Some spicier notes appear after a few more sips in the form of mild black pepper and faint anise.

Finish: Short to medium in length. Caramel, black pepper and grapefruit bitterness last for a while. I’m not a huge fan of the finish, the dram seems to peak on the nose and go steadily downhill from there.

Overall: Not for me, I’m afraid. The nose is lovely, but the palate doesn’t deliver, and I really didn’t get on with the almost citrus acidic bitterness.

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