Ardnamurchan Sherry Cask 50% ABV

ardnamurchan sherry cask

A vatting of both peated and unpeated whisky that has been matured entirely in oloroso and Pedro Ximinez sherry casks. This distillery is my favourite discovery from 2023, so I have high hopes for this.

Appearance: Maple syrup. A thin swirl line but thick film quickly forms and equally as quickly sinks to the surface.

Nose: A pleasant and apt level of ABV, 50% allowed the arrival to show through quickly, without much acclamation, but with that reassuring ethanol hum.

Light beach bonfire smoke, seaspray, caramel, and sweet oak. Baking spices, milk chocolate, jammy icing sugar-dusted raspberries, and strawberries (this element is lovely).

Some orange sponge cake and very subtle black pepper.

It’s a wonderful, friendly, and multi-layered nose.

Palate: A decent ethanol warmth and a slightly viscous mouthfeel. The oak and salinity show first, along with black pepper, blood orange/grapefruit, and brown sugar/caramel.

The smoke from the nose is present on the palate but is softer and takes more of a back seat.

It’s very drinkable and, like the nose, friendly, without any harsh flavours, just sweet, salted, and oaky.

The red berries appear after a while, adding another dimension to explore.

Finish: Medium to long. The oak, seaspray and sweeter elements all linger for a good amount of time. The flavours that dissipate last are very moreish and leave you wanting more.

Overall: Another banger from Ardnamurchan that lives up to my high expectations. I enjoyed the multi-layered, friendly, and well-put-together profile of this one and will be ordering a bottle shortly.

As a side note, I sampled this whisky in a Dartington ‘The Whisky Experience’ stemmed glass, which I was kindly sent. I found it a well-rounded glass to sample with, but also for a casual drink. It’s robust and well made while providing a great drinking experience from its tulip shape. I have owned the non-stemmed version for some time, and this one is on par with that, but the stem dies seem to offer something different and a little more special.

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