Arran Amarone cask, 50% ABV, (blind tasted.)

arran amarone

Appearance – Rose wine/blush pink in colour, very viscous on the glass, beads up, and reluctantly drops thick legs.

Nose – There’s a little ABV nip here, then strawberries, raspberries, with cream soda sweetness, lemon rind, slight savoury meats, bbq meats, and a slight dunnage/earthy note.

Palate – Very red fruit heavy, bbq meats, very very nice, icing sugar, citrus notes coming through now, with black pepper, ginger, loverly development, chilli spice, oak, furniture polish, and a little red wine drying.

Finish – it’s Medium in length, slightly tannic and drying, there’s lots of red fruits and red wine, and quite a bit of oak too.

My thoughts – I’ve had my eye on this bottle for a while, and after blind tasting it and finding out what it is, I’d definitely buy a bottle. Some may not like the drying from the Amarone wine, but I’ll take that for the flavours this Whisky offers.

Would I buy a bottle? – Definitely, it’s so red fruit juicy 🤤

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting Consortium (Twitter) & @newdramrising (Twitter).

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