Arran Fino Sherry Wine Cask 50% ABV


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The casks for this Arran Fino Sherry Wine Cask 2007 Limited Edition were sourced directly from Valdespino – Jerez.

The Arran Malt in this bottling has been matured for eight years before being transferred into the finest Valdespino Fino Sherry casks for a further nine months.

Appearance: Burnt orange/Fresh apple juice. Such a vivid colour! Lovely and viscous

Nose: Deep rich fruits, definite sherry and park influence!
Buttery brown sugar, sawdust and damp undergrowth and a slight leather note

Palate: Nice mouth feel, buttery. copper, chocolate, cherries, stewed dark fruits and baking spices. So… Black Forest Gateau (with a touch of pepper)! Still get the wood influence in the palate, more friction heated cedar or similar now.

Finish: Quite a dry finish. With copper and spices lingering the most.

Overall: Very nice rich, deep and flavoursome dram with a lovely warming feeling on the chest. Great ‘in front of the fire’ whisky.

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