Arran Port cask 50% ABV

arran whisky

Initially matured in traditional oak casks for approx 8 yrs, & finished in a selection of Port casks sourced from an artisan producer of this iconic Portuguese fortified wine.

Appearance: Very light for a port cask, the lightest of the bunch tonight. Decent medium/thick legs form but without the whisky appearing that oily when agitated

Nose: Confectionary sugar and vegetal notes. Forest floor and tree bark. There’s also seaweed in the mix. The only time I’ve smelled that note in anything other than Currach Whiskey. Candy sweets, shrimp and bananas. Heaps of sugar. This one has the nicest balance of alcohol at 50%.

Palate: On the palate: Lovely buttery delivery, coats the tongue. Buttered toast with marmalade, some chilli heat, the sugary notes from the nose and a touch of the banana too. Again, the flavour is delivered in an intense hit. It strikes all at once, rather than as a blanket of flavours that you normally experience. There is more spice as the glass matures. Halls menthol sweets.

Finish: The finish if nice and fruity with a sugar dusting. There are also those buttery notes lingering too.

Overall: This is my favourite of the bunch tonight. It’s the right balance of the fruity notes, with the buttery smooth viscosity and milky flavours that I like.

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