Arran 10yr Arranach handfill chateau d’issan margaux 58% ABV

arran whisky

Appearance: Dark Tizer, lovely coating on the glass, dispersing into very well defined medium/thick legs.

Nose: Malty at first then fruity with apples, blackberries, plum and raspberry. Pear drop barley floats in and out. For 58% ABV the alcohol is barely noticeable. Would like it to be a bit more present if I am being picky.
After a few sniffs, there is an uprising of icing sugar. Red apple and summer orchards. Softer aromas are making themselves known now. Getting butterscotch now, slight pastry notes. It’s ever-evolving, which is lovely. Minty fresh pine needles.

Palate: ooh, I wasn’t expecting it to be so sharp and intensely fruity. Tingling and drying in the mouth, mostly at the back of the throat. It’s very ‘raw’ tasting. The ABV is WAY more evident on the palate. Hot and spicy and intensely fruity all at once. Once you get past the intensity of the flavours delivered, there’s a really nice mouthfeel. Lots of black pepper, mild chilli, apple juice and smooth bitter plain chocolate. Cherry encrusted chocolate, like when you hit a cherry and get that ‘shot’ of intense cherry flavour against the subtler chocolate flavour.

Finish: The finish for me: The black pepper wears off quickly, leaving the chilli chocolate, the cherry and darker fruits

Overall: One of those rare whiskies where the palate upstages the nose. It’s polar, from a subtle and restrained group of aromas to the intense hit of flavours and sensations on the palate. Very cool whisky (and nice!)

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