Atom Labs Burnt Ends Blended Whiskey 45% ABV

burnt ends

“You know those yummy BBQ-smoke notes you sometimes find in peaty whiskies? What if someone made an expression that was all about those flavours? Well, that’s exactly what they’ve done here with Burnt Ends! Introduced in 2020, this is a blend of rye whiskey along with sherry cask-finished peated malt whisky, boasting heavy waves of meaty smoke notes.

Inspired by the tasty goods served at the barbecue joints of the USA, this rich, meaty expression brings together Tennessee rye whiskey and sherry cask-finished peated single malt Scotch whisky”

Master Of Malt (Atom Labs)

Appearance: Dark gold, almost amber. If I was going by the theme of the whisky I’d say slightly caramelised BBQ glaze.

Not so many legs on this but random assortments of trails and dots/blobs clinging to the glass. Not seen quite the same before.

Nose: Sweet smoky meat notes aplenty. Like a smoker slowly producing a plethora of ribs, joints and sticky sausages even.

There’s a good amount of ethanol, which balances really well with the sweet notes.

Blackberries and plum are in support too, it’s a really pleasant and friendly nose.

As the nose develops it becomes less of a smoked meat onslaught and more deep and fruity. The smoke never disappears, you just notice the fruitier aromas more and more.

Herbal notes make an appearance along with the fruit. Hay and fresh-cut grass.

Palate: Not hugely oily but not thin either, about right for what I expected given the price etc. Buttery notes, honey and some spearmint arrive first. These are very closely followed by sweet smoke, bacon, sticky ribs and BBQ sauce.

There’s almost a floral edge to this. Under all the heavier smoke, meat and general BBQiness there is a lighter side, sweeter and fruiter.

burnt ends blended whiskey

Finish: Wisps of BBQ meat that’s fallen into the embers, plum sauce and honey. Black pepper at the back of the tongue and eucalyptus too.

Overall: I’d love to know which distilleries went into this blend. It’s been created beautifully, balance, complexity and the ever-changing notes and flavours all make this a very good buy, especially for £30!

This really would go well with a BBQ, but equally enjoyable on any evening, exploring the smoky meaty fruity flavours.

One last thing, I love the fact that this has a screw top rather than a cork!

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