Auchentoshan American Oak, 40% ABV.

auchentoshan american oak

Appearance – Light Gold in colour, quite viscous on the glass, very slow running thin legs.

Nose – Cream soda kicks it off, followed by sugar coated jellies, strawberries, sweet cherries, pineapple cubes, fruit cocktail syrup, then light pencil shavings, and straw.

Palate – Icing sugar sweetness with stoned and tropical fruits lead the way, sweetened latte coffee, Jammy dodgers, and light oak finish the palate.

Finish – Medium in length, oak and white pepper initially, quite spicy to be honest, with pineapple citrus at the very end.

My thoughts – It’s been really good to come back to this as it’s delightfully fruity, an elegant and easy drinker whisky.

Would I buy a bottle? – well yes, it’s a great sipper, and would make a super ingredient for cocktails, it’s also very affordable.

Picture credit – Master of Malt.

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