Aultmore 11yo batch #2 48.5% ABV from The Sipping Shed, independent whisky bottlers.

aultmore 11yo
the sipping shed

Bottled just 3 months on from batch 1 and from the same cask, our 2nd batch of Autlmore is not the carbon copy you might expect. This batch reveals more distillery character as well as a touch of smoke.

The sherry cask influence is refined, clean and elegant, complimenting the lighter character of Aultmore.

The Sipping Shed


Quite the chestnut colour this dram, with a lovely thick swirl line and and only a hand fully of syrupy thick very slow dropping legs. #thewhiskeychaps


This is sweet in a different way, red cherries and grapes, and apple skin, golden syrup and caramel, fruit cocktail too. At this ABV it’s still a great nose. #thewhiskeychaps

Its nicely rounded actually, and we’ll married, wood is definitely coming through, and so is sweetness, stewed dark fruits sweetness, and perhaps old style glazing putty.


Yes that smokiness is here, it’s reminding me of toasted tea cakes, with the sweetness from raisins with it initially. The mouthfeel is very nice, quite oily, and the stewed dark fruits are all over this, with plenty of sherry.#thewhiskeychaps

There are liquorice torpedo sweets here, that mix of sweetness and liquorice, cigar leaves, pontefract cakes, star anise, cough candy, molasses, black treacle, and an earthiness too, the spices do last well too. #thewhiskeychaps


Long, spicy with some sweetness. Blackcurrant as @whiskeychap has said, perhaps a touch of lime and grapefruit now, espresso, cigar leaves, and dark chocolate. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

Iv’e been lucky enough to try most of the bottles that the Sipping shed independent whisky bottlers have produced, and i was certainly looking forward to this bottling. To be honest i expected a good whisky, and this is exactly what we found during the tasting of it.

It’s nice and rounded and married, the mouthfeel is very nice, quite oily, and with plenty of depth. Its aromas and flavours are wonderful in my opinion, and i thoroughly enjoyed it, i could easily sit with one dram for a while, and i’d definitely have one in my whisky cupboard.

This bottle, with the Glenshiel 10yo are available as a deal together at the moment on The Sipping Shed website.

A big thank you goes out to Dan Hipshon for sending out the samples for this tasting, for the use of his tweets in this review, and for joining us on the tasting.

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