Aultmore 13yo 55.4% ABV Cask #1007 (A.D.Rattray).

aultmore 13yo

Distillery Region-Speyside, Date Bottled-23.05.2022, Cask Type-Bourbon Barrel, No. of Bottles-237, Cask Number-1007, Age-13 Years Old, Date Distilled-10.02.2009, Strength-55.4% alc./vol.

The whisky equivalent of a crisp, clean Sauvignon Blanc. Flawless in composition, yet with incredible depth to explore when given the time.



Quite a light gold in colour, white wine ish. It has a nice thick swirl line that beads up and drops medium thick legs and scattered teardrops. #thewhiskeychaps


There’s some pine freshness here initially, with pear drops as @pswhisky said during the tasting. then i get those sweet sugar coated lemon jelly sweets, perhaps some furniture polish, it’s quite a light nose in character. #thewhiskeychaps

More time and evergreen boughs and Rich tea biscuits do come through. #thewhiskeychaps



The mouthfeel is pretty good, and I get a slap of red berries straight away. The palate is much stronger in character than the nose. There is a spiciness here that leans towards rye, really punchy for me. #thewhiskeychaps

That fruity hit arrives each time I taste this, strawberry jam. Now ryvitas, grapefruits and pomelos push forward. Dark chocolate and orange zest bring also bring more spices. #thewhiskeychaps


Medium long in general, but the spices do last longer on their own. I get like a stout taste, molasses, black syrup, cough candy, and fisherman’s friends, this dram does develop quite a bit. #thewhiskeychaps

aultmore distillery

My thoughts

I really enjoyed this whisky, and i have to say iv’e enjoyed other Aultmore drams too. For me the best thing about this dram is the development of the palate, the rye type spice did catch me out, i just wasn’t expecting it, but i really like rye spices so a plus for me.

Yes it’s another whisky i’d happily have in my whisky cupboard, one that would raise a smile every time i sipped it, and i suspect it would mature rather nicely through the bottle.

A big thank you goes out to Paul, Ben and Cliff for dramming along with us on the tasting this whisky was a part of. And huge thanks go out to Caryn Inglis, marketing manager at A.D.Rattray, for joining us, and for the extra information about the rest of the bottles available from their Cask Collection #66, and answering questions from me, until far too late on the evening. We can all be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

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