AyeWhisky Blind tasting Notes

whisky blind tasting

Below are the notes from last night’s excellent blind tasting with @AyeWhisky on Twitter.

Dram 1 – Seven Stills San Francisco!

Appearance: Oaky orange, mahogany. A thin film coats the glass when swirled, medium short legs slowly seep towards the surface

Nose: That’s a nose I’ve definitely not smelled before! WOW! Heaps of lychee. It smells very specific, but I can’t think what of. There’s an appley aroma, white wine, rose water/Turkish delight, some sugar. Good hit from the ABV too. It’s very floral indeed.
The empty glass smells much more traditional. There’s that smoke and the maltiness/biscuits too

Palate: Not particularly viscous. Digestive biscuits hit first, followed by the spicy tingle of a higher ABV (I hope)? The lychee is there still. There’s plenty of tropical fruit in there. THAT aroma on the nose is also on the palate, it’s starting to annoy me that I can’t place it, but I think it’s a holiday memory/smell/taste.
Some buttery flavours in there, once the spice subsides, it’s also ever so slightly drying. Getting that slight dry smoke tinge now.

Finish: Dram 1 finish: THAT flavour! Slight wood smoke, a dryness, butter, tropical fruits and black pepper. Quite long and lingering, especially on the chest.

Overall: At first I wasn’t sure about this one, but it’s really grown on me, in the space of 1 dram!

Guess(s): Mackmyra. Taquila or Mezcal cask. OK, I’m going for around 50% ABV, young – under 10 years

Dram 2 – Daftmill’s 2007 Winter Batch Release

Appearance: Much lighter than dram 1, the lightest of the bunch actually. White whine. I’d say it’s more viscous however, good oily film on the glass and medium/thick legs

Nose: Much more familiar, icing sugar, porridge oats, a touch of green apple refresher bar. Nice balance of aromas and ABV on this one. Touch of white wine sharpness coming through. It’s opening up a bit with time. Some citrus, lemon sherberts and maybe pear drops. Matey bubbles, first time for everything.

Palate: It’s a lovely mix of sweet and spice on the palate. Decent oily delivery too. Palm violets, buttery pastry and some cinnamon swirls.

Finish: A touch of spice, some sweetness and that astringency. Doesn’t last very long

Overall: It’s nice, I’m not amazed by it, but it’s nice! #thewhiskeychaps

Dram 3 – Glenrothes 16 YO Single Cask # 2364

Appearance: The darkest of the bunch, this one is the colour of a barrel, pure oak. As if that’s not appealing enough, there’s a tangerine hue too!

Nose: A huge bundle of brown sugar, chocolate cake, wood notes and dried fruits. WONDERFUL! Some sweeter berry notes and a creaminess now. Quite reminiscent of Black Forest Gateau.
The nose gets spicier as the glass ages, it’s really nice and an ever-evolving dram is the best kind of dram.

Palate: Chocolate cake all day long. Black coffee, light Christmas spice and heavier white pepper/chilli spiciness. The ABV is higher on this one, isn’t it? Mid 50’s? Reduced vanilla (if there is such a thing), lemon curd and……actually, lemon Meringue Pie (biscuit base, because anything else isn’t a true Lemon Meringue Pie).

Finish: The finish is a little drying, spicy with a sweet edge. Quite a warming and wintery dram. Love it! It’s full of strawberries.

Overall: A lovely dram that’s full of comforting aromas and flavours. From deep chocolate and cake to light berries and cream, it’s got it all!

Thanks to Nick (@AyeWhisky) for 4 great drams (1 we kept for savouring!). T’was a superb tasting!

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