Balblair 10yr old, the whisky barrel,originals exclusive, 59.4% abv.

balblair twb exclusive

Matured in a 1st fill Oloroso hogshead, cask #TWB1008 284 bottles.

Appearance – This Whisky is light to mid gold in colour, very viscous on the glass, and has thick legs.

Nose – Lemon and pineapple, pears, cereals again, flapjack, strawberries coming too. there’s icing sugar, tinned fruit cocktail, mustiness, it’s a good ABV, with savoury meat too. How about Apple strudel and vanilla custard.

Palate – it’s oily, salty, hazel nuts, ginger, cinnamon, honey, white pepper, cardamom, black liquorice, chilli, lemonade and royal icing, a very nice palate indeed.

Finish – It’s medium in length, and spicy, with black peppercorns, chilli, high cocoa dark chocolate, cinnamon, black cherries, warming my cheeks nicely. I rather like it.

My thoughts – I like this one a lot, another one with so much going on, a lovely surprise in a blind tasting.

Would i buy a bottle? – It’s a definite yes from me, i’d enjoy a drop of this any time.

Notes – This whisky is presented as its natural colour, it’s non chill filtered, and bottled at cask strength.

Picture credits – All pic were taken by @Chris_f74, follow below.

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