Balcones Single Malt SMWS 140.6 62.1% ABV.

smws balcones

Wicked, wacky, wonderous.

  • ABV-62.1%
  • AGE-4 years
  • DISTILLED DATE-8/4/2016
  • CASK TYPE-Refill ex-bourbon barrel
  • OUTTURN-1 of 144 bottles
  • REGION-Texas


3/4 deep gold this one, and initially the swirl line is quite thin and beads up almost immediately. It has very slow thin legs and teardrops that hang just below the swirl line. #BalconesTasting


wow, it’s fizzy up my nostrils, and that fruitiness is here again, accompanied by eucalyptus for a moment. Yes an evergreen boughs thing is going on, a dry forest walk. Then the fruits pile in for me. Black cherries, figs maybe, and guava with mango. #BalconesTasting

More time and Icing sugar along with some dustiness, pineapple, cereals like the Balcones Single Malt offers. Perhaps the ABV is holding it back slightly, but I like what I’m smelling so far. #balconestasting

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First off this dram has a very nice mouthfeel, and it’s very much like the Single Malt flavour wise, just beefed up a bit. Now a specific sweet comes to mind here, cherry drops, sweets of the gods. Tobacco leaves, aniseed, and cough syrup come through again, and and it’s a very accessable dram. #balconestasting

I’m getting drying with this one, flocked teeth, and it could be a red wine cask it’s so fruity. As it’s developing I’m getting espresso coffee, cigar leaves, dunnage, pontefract cakes, and chocolate custard with brownies. #balconestasting

Adding a drop of water brings out black pepper for me, with more dunnage, and apricot crown pastries. #balconestasting


The finish is long, and still full on, it takes no prisoners this one. Loads of sherry type spices, lots of fruit, more leather, and ryvitas. #balconestasting

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My thoughts

Aromas and flavours that characterise the Balcones Single Malt are all here in this bottling too. It’s all beefed up as such with this bottle, and personally i think the ABV hindered it slightly. I did add a drop of water which did open it up a little more.

I did enjoy this bottling, but for me the Balcones own Single Malt pips it just. Don’t get me wrong, i’d love a bottle of this, if someone bought me one i’d be more than happy, but if i was spending my own money, it’d have to be on the Balcones own Single Malt.

A big thank you goes out to my whisky friend Paul – @pswhisky on Twitter, for sending out these samples and arranging the tasting that this bottle was a part of. Follow Paul and indeed us on Twitter using the buttons below.

Bottle pic – Whisky Base.

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