Balcones Texas Rye 50% ABV

Balcones whiskey

Released for the distillery’s 10th anniversary & made from 100% rye, with the mash bill containing 80% raw elbon grain from the north and northwest Texas as well as crystal, chocolate, and roasted rye varieties. Texas Rye is also distilled in copper pot stills.

Appearance: Dark tea/Tizer orange. A swirl line made up of a series of small teardrops. A nice oily coating with a few medium legs.

Nose: Pine needle infused dark chocolate. It actually reminds me of @CurrachWhiskey and the seaweed element. There’s an ocean/herbal/biscuit element that really makes this nose what it is. It’s really difficult to describe. For 50% it carries the ABV well. Once I start to taste this dram I get peaches on the nose.

Palate: Like the nose, this is a very unique palate. It’s still reminding me of the seaweed charred casks. I get the peaches in syrup on the palate on this one too, with more tropical notes coming through. Some peppery notes starting to appear now, still overriding vegetal. Pine needle freshness and earthy notes

Finish: Medium in length, sweet seaweed and pine forest. Some sweeter vanilla and confectionary sugar notes to balance

Overall: Impressively different and very well balanced. The ABV is bang on too. The seaweed note makes this one for me. It might not be for everyone’s taste but it’s definitely mine. Banger!

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