Ballykilcavan, Waterford, 50% ABV, (Blind tasted).


Appearance – Light straw in colour, very viscous on the glass, and has slow thick legs.

Nose – There’s a little ABV nip, with savoury meat, carbolic soap, figs, black cherries, white pepper, and ginger.

Palate – There’s lots of honey, slightly bitter lemon oil, it’s a nice ABV, with white pepper, apricots, pineapple cubes, definitely slightly smokey, and spiced oranges.

Finish – Long side of medium, loverly and warming, a little drying, wine cask? Peppery, and quite oaky.

My thoughts – As the heading says, this was blind tasted, and I haven’t embellished my tasting notes on it. I rather liked it tbh, now I know what it is, there’s more in it than I expected for a young whiskey, would love to taste it at an older age.

Would I buy a bottle? – For the flavour, yes, though it isn’t cheap for its age.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting Consortium (Twitter) & @newdramrising (Twitter).

Picture credit – The Whisky Exchange.

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