Balmenach 12yo 54.8% ABV (A.D.Rattray).

balmenach 12yo

Distillery Region-Speyside, Date Bottled-23.05.2022, Cask Type-Bourbon Hogshead / Sauternes Barrique, No. of Bottles-302, Cask Number-12, Age-12 Years Old, Date Distilled-01.03.2010, Strength-54.8% alc./vol.

With an extended finish of 22 months in a Sauternes barrique, some of Scotland’s lighter makes would have been overwhelmed. However, Balmenach’s traditional, robust spirit more than holds its own amongst the bittersweet oak influences.



Slightly deeper than mid gold this time, with a medium thick swirl line, which beads up, and drops thin legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Now, there’s a super sweetness in here mixing with balsa wood and botanicals. The sweetness is fruit cocktail, lots of fruits well matured together. I’m also getting faint eucalyptus too, a freshness. #thewhiskeychaps

Apricots and pink wafer biscuits now, that sweetness really persists, and rose water I’m thinking. #thewhiskeychaps



Decent mouthfeel here, and another fruity/spicy combo, I do love them. The ABV comes across higher than it is, and I’m going with red apple skins, lemonade, it’s lovely and warming. #thewhiskeychaps


Again long side of medium for me, with danish pastries with that icing drizzled on top, I’m going with hazelnuts too, latte, cherries, greengages, unripe plums, and cinnamon with vanilla and chill warmth. #thewhiskeychaps

Late on a bubblegum note comes through, old style hubba bubba. #thewhiskeychaps

balmenach distillery

My thoughts

This is only the 3rd Balmenach whisky iv’e tasted, the previous two also being indie bottles and rather good in all honesty, so i was looking forward to tasting this one. And this one didn’t disappoint either. AS Caryn from AD.Rattray said, Balmenach is a robust spirit that can take a lot of cask influence, and this cask has a lot going on, it’s nicely balanced too, another bottling enjoyed on the tasting it was a part of, and another that i’d very happily have a bottle of in my whisky cupboard.

A big thank you goes out to Paul, Ben and Cliff for dramming along with us on the tasting this whisky was a part of. And huge thanks go out to Caryn Inglis, marketing manager at A.D.Rattray, for joining us, and for the extra information about the rest of the bottles available from their Cask Collection #66, and answering questions from me, until far too late on the evening.

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