Beinn Dubh 43% ABV

spey beinn dubh

Beinn Dubh, which means Black Mountain, has been produced using water from the Cairngorm Black Mountain, and finished in heavily toasted Ruby Port casks from The Douro Valley.

Speyside Distillery


Chestnut brown in colour, burnished copper, it has a nice thick swirl line, and drops a handful of thick legs. #SpeysideDistillery


I can definitely smell the dna character of the spirit in here, with stewed dark fruits mainly. Figs, chocolate dipped strawberries, cranberries, red toffee apples, dunnage, and fisherman’s friends. #SpeysideDistillery

perhaps a touch of cap gun caps, prunes, dates, and toasted tea cakes, Ethan’s slightly over toasted. #SpeysideDistillery

speyside distillery


Nice mouthfeel, and dark and spicy all the way. Molasses, cinnamon, lovely stewed dark fruits, with plenty of depth. Eccles cakes, cigar leaves, an earthiness, mocha coffee, brownie m&m’s, chocolate sponge cake too. #SpeysideDistillery

I think it comes across higher ABV than it is, it’s quite spicy and chewy, HP brown sauce, almost Smokey too. #SpeysideDistillery


Medium long, and still spicy, nice and warming, with milk stout, black liquorice, aniseed, cough candy, espresso coffee, and more prunes. #SpeysideDistillery

speyside distillery

My thoughts

Iv’e got to say that i enjoyed this whisky. It comes across higher than 43% ABV, and the nose and palate are both packed with aromas and flavours for me. Though i’d love to try it at a higher strength, this is a very nice whisky in my opinion, and others on the tasting too.

This bottle comes in at £50, and put into context i think it’s a reasonable price, i wouldn’t say no to one, and if you like stewed dark fruits and some spices it could be one for you. It seems colour has been added to this whisky, but it is non chill filtered.

A big thank you goes out to @SpeySingleMalt and @TheWhiskyWire for the opportunity to take part in this Tweet tasting, and again to @TheWhiskyWire for the use of his bottle images.

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