Beinn Dubh The Black 43% ABV

Beinn Dubh The Black

Beinn Dubh (pronounced ‘Ben doo’ and meaning Black Mountain) from Spey Distillery. After the success of Cu Dhub, the black whisky made at Speyside for Danish bottler Mac Y, the distillery decided to launch this one, its own version. Fully matured in American oak and finished in heavily toasted ruby port casks from the Douro Valley.

Appearance: Cola brown, very dark indeed. A thin tide mark and many very thin trails quickly form. After a time more thin to medium trails appear. A semi-viscous film clings to the inside of the glass.

Nose: Even though I know this is 43%, the colour tricks my mind into thinking it’ll be a big and bold nose when actually, it’s quite gentle at first. Again, possibly the colour, but I get Cola syrup, forest fruits, honey, pear and plum. There’s a little basement funk, cherry-encrusted chocolate and damp oak too. A faint furniture polish note emerges after a while, along with damp leaf litter.

Palate: Not a particularly oily mouthfeel, but not thin either. The chocolate, cherry and a slight menthol note remain, along with some medicinal (Benelyn) notes. Lots of oak and a little drying to accompany it, some aniseed, white pepper and Blackcurrant Lemsip.

Finish: The blackcurrant medicial and oak drying elements last for quite some time.

Overall: A little confused and not that interesting.

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